Using the Power of your Mind to Make Money Fast

Using the power of your mind to make money fast is a much debated topic these days. The much talked about ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne discusses the topic in detail. Often though these kind of books and articles can leave the reader in a high state of euphoria, thinking they can achieve and do anything (which they can), but which then soon subsides when they fall back into their engrained thinking habits and discuss their new findings with their nay-saying friends and relatives!

The problem is that we want results fast but we fail to look at the main problem associated with our lack of results – ourselves. Making changes takes time and consistent effort. We can often fall into the trap of thinking that we can receive results simply by thinking about them. Our physical efforts remain the same, our thoughts about ourselves remain the same and therefore our results remain the same.  For things to change in our lives we much change. We cannot achieve results which remain on the outside of the scope of our self image, what we believe we are worth and what we believe we can achieve for ourselves.

Our deeply held beliefs about money and our relationship with money has been built up over time. Often our closest friends and our relatives will share the same beliefs and attitudes. When we suggest an alternative way of thinking to our peer group it is rejected. We soon decide that maybe they are right. This keeps us safe and helps to maintain your consistent world view. When we challenge those beliefs we are met with huge resistance. Our hopes and wishes are dampened, our positive activities cease and we fall back into old habits and value systems. 

When you become aware of this you can choose a new peer group to belong to, spend time on your most productive and rewarding activities and move towards your goals without checking in with those who will not support you.

One of the best books on this subject is The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.

Of course you will need some sort of business to actually turn a profit but it is also important to create a vision in your minds eye first. Often a failure only becomes a failure because the power of your intent was too weak to surmount the obstacles necessary to move forwards. Your vision is getting it clear in your mind what you want to achieve before you begin taking productive action.

If you are considering using the power of the internet to leverage your time and build a profitable income, there has never been a better time. Stuart Ross explains here precisely how you can begin to make money in the quickest and most efficient way by using the internet to powerfully leverage you time and resources to build a passive income.

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Internal Dialogue Psychology

“It is best to erase all personal history… because that would make us free from the encumbering thoughts of other people.” – Don Juan, “Journey to Ixtlan” by Carlos Castaneda.

In Victor Sanchez’s book The Teachings Of Don Juan, he talks about erasing personal history and stopping internal dialogue. Our internal dialogue psychology is based around our inherited beliefs, ideas and attitudes. Our choices can therefore become about us either believing in, or rebelling against a particular belief structure of society or our parents. Either way we can create sub-personalities based around these beliefs which control us to one degree or another.

Erasing these inherited beliefs and our personal history, writes Sanchez, can be helped through “stopping internal dialogue”. Our beliefs talk to us through our sub-personalities which is the effect of two opposing beliefs talking to each other – which are inherently “the encumbering thoughts of other people”.

Inventory of thoughts

One exercise which Sanchez talks about in his book is taking an inventory of thoughts. This allows you to see first hand where your energies lie in terms of your inner dialogue and actions. It is useful if you have a timer which you can set to go off throughout the day at various intervals. Choose a time which you can’t predict like say, every 2 hours and 34 minutes. Put the timer on repeat so that it goes off throughout the day every 2 hours and 34 minutes – or some other random time.

Take a notebook with you wherever you go and write three headings which you will write a response for each time your timer goes off:

1.What was I thinking?

2.What was I doing?

3. Do I want this?

When your timer sounds just fill in the answers for each of the three questions. Do this for as long as you wish but for at least a full day. Set the timer so you will not be anticipating it going off.

Thoughts vs Perception

We perceive with more than one sense.  We can use our emotions and feelings to perceive but when we become overly attached to our thoughts, labeling things in our minds as we see them, our true perception becomes shut off and we see the world through the (narrow) filters of our mind. We can become tied to our thoughts so much so that we deceive ourselves with our constant intellectualisation of reality. We reinforce the ‘illusion’ of our realities based on our thoughts. We ‘choose’ our realities and then reinforce them and cling to them through our consistent and persistent thinking. Our perception becomes distorted and we see the world through our mind rather than as it truly is.

Stopping the internal dialogue can be done through various exercises and anything which focuses the mind so much that the internal dialogue cannot continue is a means to do this. Meditation is a simple way to quieten the mind and therefore stop the internal dialogue. Rather that trying to ‘suppress’ the dialogue in meditation, simply watch it whirring away with a detached calm. Allow the words to continue without being attached to them. Focus on your breath. Continue with this and notice your mind calming down and your internal dialogue slowly losing its control over you.

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