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There are many “mind power books” which can open your mind to greater possibilities and give you a larger awareness of what is possible. Many focus on visualization and the power we all have but often neglect to use, to visualize what we intend to create in our lives. The power of visualization is often knocked out of us at an early age when it is seem as a bad thing. ‘Stop daydreaming’ we are told! But it is in this lucid state of ‘daydreaming’ where we are communicating with our subconscious minds and directing our lives.

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain is a book I read many years ago and still is one of my favorites. In it we are given instructions on how to visualize the things which we intend to create, and are reminded of the power of our intent.

Often our minds can run wild and we forget that with our powerful thoughts we are continually creating. Our thoughts become our values, ideals and belief systems and eventually create who we become. Be sometimes need to take an inventory of our thoughts and acknowledge when we are allowing our thoughts to run away with themselves! Meditation is a fantastic resource to let us start to learn how our minds are running and know that we can consciously choose our thoughts when we take charge of our minds.


In ‘The Teachings of Don Carlos’ by Victor Sanchez, we are given some very powerful exercises to help us to understand how our powerful minds are (often) running wild – and how to take control. One exercise I particularly found fascinating is the inventory of thoughts. In this exercise we are to take a piece of notepaper and a pen and an alarm clock which can be set on repeat throughout the day. When the alarm sounds you take an inventory of what you are thinking, what you are doing and finally whether you want this or not.

Over a few days of doing this you will see where your intention really lies. Your predominant thoughts can often be destructive and unhelpful. By first noticing this pattern you can make the appropriate adjustments to make better use of your thoughts and you time. I suggest trying this exercise over a week and notice what comes up for you.

There is a huge power which is laid dormant in our minds which is there for the takings if we learn how to harness it. One of my favorite books on the mind and its development is The Science of Getting Rich. Developing mind power is not a just matter of getting things according to what you want, but developing your ideas so that the receiving of them is simply the natural order of things in accordance with your development.

In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich there is a chapter dedicated solely to the unconscious mind and communicating with it. Hill talks of the subconscious mind as a ‘fertile garden spot’ in which weeds will grow if allowed to and if thoughts of a more positive nature are not instead sown into the subconscious by the continual stream of thoughts which we offer in our conscious thinking patterns and behavior. Both of these books are superb and really are not only about developing riches in the monetary sense.

Ask and it is Given by Jerry and Ester Hicks is another great book on the subject of developing your mind and creating your life. There are several exercises which you can use to develop yourself and align yourself with a more pleasing energetic state. From this state you draw in more pleasing circumstances into your life. Often, particularly in the west, we operate from a very backwards perspective. We try to get things which we feel will make us happy. We do things which we dislike in order to get things which think we will like.

By maintaining a state of appreciation, we draw things into our lives by focusing on those things which we are already grateful for. Gratitude is a huge theme which seems to run through all these books and is incredibly powerful. In ‘Ask and it is Given’ there is a fantastic exercise called ‘the storm of appreciation’ in which you actively focus on those things in your life which you are grateful for. By delving into this emotion of gratitude, we can create more of it. This is the feeling we are secretly aspiring to with our wanting and desire and many of the things we aspire to ‘get’ are so because we assume we will feel better when we have them. Often though, this isn’t the case and we create a lot of suffering, desire and wanting when we aspire to have things which are out of our immediate reach.

How to get lots of money for anything fast


Stuart Lichtman’s ‘How to get lots of money for anything fast’ is another gem and although the rather trite title this book is a fantastic read. Again, this is a doing book like all the others I have listed here. There is a lot of work involved here but it is really worth it. Stuart Lichtman has created what he calls the Cybernetic Transposition Super Achievement process. What he uses are some quite powerful techniques to communicate with your subconscious mind and also to get very clear on your target or goal by listening to your intuition when reading our your goal/s.

By removing subtle unconscious ‘blockers’ and tuning in to what is truly right for you, in terms of goals, you will find you can easily achieve some amazing results.  Many of our problems exist because of our unconscious thoughts, beliefs and limiting ideas. If we have a ‘blocker’ belief which prevents us from attaining something, be it a monetary goal or anything else, we will always fail to achieve it unless we resolve the limiting belief directly. Our un-consicous will always sabotage our best intentions if we don’t believe we are worth it, or we have some other limiting self sabotage script running in the background.

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Alpha State Meditation

What is alpha state meditation? Alpha state is simply the level of brain wave activity which we naturally access just before going to sleep at night and the state which we find ourselves upon waking. Many people use this state deliberately to ‘tune’ in to their subconscious minds, relax and unwind, and some say it allows a greater connection to a deeper level of awareness, even to the extent of psychic ability.

Alpha waves are neutral oscillations in  the frequency of 7.5–12.5 Hz. The electromagnetic resonance of the Earth is known as the Schumann resonance and although it varies according to region, maintains a basic frequency of 7.83 Hz which is very close to alpha wave resonance. It is interesting to know that when we are in the alpha state we are sharing a similar electromagnetic frequency to that of the planet.

Thomas Edison used the power of his subconscious mind to assist him in his work. He would place a steel ball in each of his hands and sit in a chair with a metal plate to either side. He would try to stay lightly conscious, using his imagination to assist him in his inventions. If he was to fall asleep during his mental wanderings, his hands would relax and the steel balls would clatter on the metal saucer, waking him up.

It is often when we let go of our conscious thinking that our answers are allowed to drift into our consciousness. Our subconscious minds are creative and powerful and can deliver far more than we ask of them. By tuning into this power we can answer many of our problems, and we can do this through alpha state meditation.

How to get into alpha state

We access several states during our waking day without even being aware of them. Some of them empower us and some dis-empower us. Learning to access an alpha state is simply a matter of making the process more conscious because it is what we do naturally anyway. Take for instance the last time you drove somewhere, and when you arrived, you hadn’t realized how you got there. You were just driving ‘on autopilot’ because it was a familiar route. You were probably in an alpha state. Notice your state also just upon waking and just before falling unconscious at night. This is an alpha brain wave state.

Alpha state meditation

Sit up comfortably in a chair and remove all distractions, turning of phones and computers. Make sure you won’t be distracted. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Watch you mind wandering away but don’t engage with any of the thoughts. Watch as you chest rises and falls with each breath. Allow your breathing to slow down taking in a full breath and breathing out all the way expelling every last inch of air. Continue with this for several minutes until you are completely relaxed. Notice any tension in your body and just let it go. As you go deeper and deeper into a nice comfortable state of complete relaxation, you can notice your mind slowing down and becoming quieter and quieter.

Anchoring this state

You can anchor this state by pressing the tip of your thumb into the tip of your little finger. Make sure you are in a deep enough state before you do this. Take 20 minutes to find a sweet spot in your meditation where you are almost ready do drift asleep before you anchor it. If you do this also upon waking and just before going to sleep you can build a strong anchor to this state. Then you can access this state mush more easily simply by using the anchor. This will work depending on how deep the state is and how many time you have associated this anchor with the state.

We anchor many states unconsciously throughout our day. Think of how your work clothes make you feel, or a certain situation at work, or a certain person. We attribute feelings and emotion to circumstances, events, people and things, but what we are really doing is anchoring states to those things. How does the first pint feel on a Friday night after a busy week? Or the alarm clock on a Monday morning? Who annoys you? These are all mental ‘states’ which we can access just by thinking about them. The trick is to anchor your ‘good’ states and create more of them and less of the unpleasant states which we continue to manifest in our lives.

Choosing your state

Often by default we live in a variety of states as determined by our situations and constant reactions and thinking towards those situations. In reality it is only our thinking which creates our experience, since many people will react differently given the same scenario. If it is our thinking which generates our experience, wouldn’t it be a good idea to learn to choose better thoughts throughout our day to put us in a better state of mind?

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