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This is Stuart Ross who runs a lifestyle training business equipping people with the tools, software and strategies to run their own lifestyle business with just a laptop and internet connection. If you are interested in owning your own online lifestyle business take a look at this video and meet co-founders of the SFM Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

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The trap of over thinking

After watching the film The Secret which emphasizes the power of our minds to create whatever it is we choose, I went into overdrive! I kept focusing my mind on what it is that I want. My main problem was money – the lack of it – or so I thought! Reading Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting The Devil I can see a deeper problem now. The desire for more is laced with all kinds of problems. We need to grow in maturity and wisdom to be mature enough to accept more or it may destroy us. As mentioned in Napoleon Hill’s book, look at all the Hollywood stars who’s rise to fame and fortune came with a heavy price of drink and drug addiction. Fast fame and power can bring fast self destruction, much like a child at the hands of a dangerous weapon, a quick change in circumstance can be a  very dangerous thing. The many lottery winners who find themselves broke after a short time are also testimony to this idea. They simply have not developed themselves for the eventuality of having money, or their self image won’t allow them to keep it.

Thinking in itself is something which is seldom done. We can not long be our own psychiatrists. We are bound by our own personal beliefs and limitations to an extent. Trying to think our way out of a problem is seldom the way out in itself. We also need to act. I fell into this trap for some time, thinking that thinking was the answer to all my problems. If I could manifest my rich and abundant life just by thinking about it I could opt out completely and live entirely in my own mind – without actually having to live. It was a form of escapism. I was trapped in the ‘how to make a living’ scenario, in fear of lack and poverty. My thinking about the situation became the new escape from it but in spending much time thinking about a solution, thinking became habitual and when I came to do something, I was weak in body from all the thinking!

Over thinking is a trap which snares many people. There is much value in putting aside your worries for other’s needs instead of your own. If you have become ensnared with over thinking do all you can to stop the cycle of thinking. Take up a new hobby or start meditating. Take regular exercise and join in some new classes. Spending large amounts of time alone can lead to spirals of negative thought which can lead to depression and inaction. Often when caught up in these negative spirals it can be completely debilitating. Exercise seems pointless and the spiral of negative thinking continues.

When you are here you become paralysed. You have become caught up in your own thinking. Believing that your whole life is your (limited) thinking mind. Often it can be based on a thought which is incorrect. A belief such as ‘no-one cares‘ can be repeated by your own mind and lead to more negative thoughts which back up this false belief. You look for evidence that this is true, and of course can find it from your memory (based on how you feel). If you looked for contrary beliefs you could find those too but you are too busy looking to be right in your (negative) belief. This is a viscous cycle of negative thought which will lead to depression unless you can escape it.

If you find yourself in this dark and horrible place know that you are not alone and many people face the same (false) reality. Get some help immediately and don’t rely on your own thinking to find the way out. Keep active physically and socially and try to organize some regular events. Make a list of things to be grateful for and be gentle with yourself. Focusing on the negative brings more negative thoughts with it. Focusing on the positive aspects of your life can improve your mental state dramatically. Become aware of your negative train of thought and when you have  a negative thought do not engage with it.

Learning how to meditate can help you escape the prison of a spiral of negative thoughts. By focusing on your breathing you can learn to quieten your mind so your thoughts no longer have so much power over you. Have a look at this article on meditation techniques for stress relief.


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