Why you should become an affiliate marketer

Thousands of people are becoming affiliate marketers in order to escape the 9-5 rat race and join a group of people who are making the internet their full time living. So how do they do it and what is involved?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s products and earning commissions based on those sales. There is no direct selling and you never have to speak to any customers. You don’t have to touch a product or even deal with any sales queries. What the affiliate does is direct traffic or customers to the vendor who sells the product.

We are all becoming more familiar with purchasing goods online and this growing trend is what affiliate marketing is all about. Amazon has an affiliate program where affiliates sign up and promote any product on Amazon’s website. Anyone can sign up to an affiliate program in most cases and they generally promote goods and services by using a website, blog or any advertising method.

Why is affiliate marketing so good?

One of the main perks of affiliate marking is that you can earn commissions of up to 40% of a product’s value. This is because you are effectively doing the job of a shop and an advertising campaign. With a normal business there are various overheads which have to be met such at rent, rates, advertising, employees wages etc. With a online business the ‘affiliate’ does all the advertising and there are far fewer overheads since the website is effectively the ‘shopfront’ of the business. So the ‘shop’ can afford to pay the advertisers (the affiliates) a much higher rate to generate sales.

The power of leverage

The internet runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. Unlike a bricks and mortar business it can also operate almost completely on autopilot. What this means for affiliates is that once we have put in the hours and built our websites and started our advertising campaigns, we can simply allow customers to visit our site/s and purchase products. We don’t need to be there in the process. Customers can buy products from our affiliate sites, access the information, download a product or even have delivered a physical product, all without our needing to be in the loop. We can also create many of these ‘buying cycles’ which can build on each other to create a solid dependable income over time.

Not only can we create more of these ‘online vending machines’ but we can also use paid advertising to scale up our business model. Once we find a working model which converts products we can then advertise and reach a huge potential audience. Since the systems are already in place to deliver to a potentially unlimited amount of customers, there is no buffer of red tape or physical presence needed in the sales loop which would slow it down. This is a huge advantage over a physical shop for example which has a limited amount of stock and each person must physically go through the sales till to purchase their product.

Because purchasing online has automated sales tills built in, and often automated delivery too, there is no backlog and sales are only limited by the amount of visitors you can send through the sales page. Online shops can also serve many customers simultaneously whereas physical shops are limited to a certain number of sales tills.

To learn more about how you can become an affiliate and leverage the internet to create multiple income streams enter your email here for a free 7 day video training course. 

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How To Align Your Subconscious and Conscious Minds when Goal Setting

People often make the mistake of setting goals which are not in alignment for their best interests. Or their subconscious mind is secretly sabotaging the best efforts of the conscious goal. There are several reasons why this happens and one of them is security. We like the comfort of our habits and beliefs. It gives us a consistent world view which helps us maintain the illusion of our reality. Should things drastically change it would also affect our self image and our identity and this could threaten our relationships, job, family and all the main things in our life which holds our world view together.

Many lottery winners suffer severe difficulties when their ‘win’ actually can bring about jealousy, resentment and conflict with those people in their lives who are the most important.

So often it is our wise unconscious mind which is sabotaging our efforts due to another reason which we may not be consciously aware of. Our subconscious mind is listening to all that we say and think and feel. It is delivering the results in our lives according to what we truly believe about our worth, our self image and about our relationship with ourselves and others. What we want, what we think we deserve and how we see ourselves are three parts of ourselves which may or may not be in conflict. Unless we align them to bring about our desires they can prevent our best efforts from materializing into that which we desire.

How to align and integrate the different parts of yourself.

Aligning your subconscious and conscious minds to work together is the best thing you can do to quickly and easily achieve any goal.

First write down your most pressing goal. Read it out to yourself. Do you believe it?

Often we have goals and desires which we aim for but then unconsciously act in ways to bring about its downfall.

For example if I wrote:

“I will earn £1000,000 in the next 6 months”  it is quite hard for me to believe, since I have never earned that amount of money! I will probably not really try to make this happen since I don’t really believe it. So I need to make a goal which is more believable for me.

“I will earn £20,000 this year” is really achievable for me and not very exciting since I have earned this before. I will not be motivated by this goal and so it isn’t a very good goal (for me).

“I will have earned £20,000 from the internet by June 2015″ is quite a good goal for me since I haven’t achieved this amount before from the internet but I have a small internet business. It is achievable and believable for me.

However my intention to make money can be distracted by other things in my life which my subconscious mind knows are more important to me. Things such as my health and happiness are also important and often I will sabotage work and career goals to benefit my happiness or health. Even millionaires commit suicide which goes to show that money is not as important as happiness. We often equate money with happiness but we can also get lost in its attainment to the sacrifice of everything else.

So it is important to place an insurance policy in with my goal setting such as:

“This or something better will happen in ways that are congruent with all parts of me for my highest good”.

By saying “this or something better” we are placing an insurance policy in our goal such that we won’t rule out something better if it should surface.


My intention to make money may also impact on the people around me and the wider world in negative ways. If I destroy my environment, relationships or happiness in my pursuit of money I may become a suicidal millionaire! – So I will put an insurance policy within my goal setting:

“This or something better is true for me in ways that are beneficial for all concerned and which does not impinge on the wider environment.”

In Stuart Lichtman’s ‘How to get lots of money for anything fast‘ he talks about meta stories. In a meta story we basically write out an event or happening which we have experienced and then edit it in such a way as to create a better event. We edit out our history, in effect, as a means in which to talk to our subconscious mind and tell it what specifically we want.

We often do this when talking unconsciously to friends or relatives. How often do we talk about unpleasant events or circumstances when we are relaying a story to someone. Often it can even become our ‘poor me’ sob story. We get caught up in these stories as our identity and it becomes a habit to talk to people about ourselves through our ‘sob stories’.

Have you noticed how some people only talk about how good their lives are and others only complain? Those who complain are relaying their ‘sob story’ to their unconscious mind on a regular basis and creating more of them by re-living them. Often those who are more upbeat are doing the same. Look at how different their lives are.

Why not start creating your future by editing your past and talking only of those positive stories. Notice any negative story which you like to tell and put a stop to it immediately. Take out only the positive from your stories and remove any negative element. Feed your unconscious mind stories which you would like to create.

See how to get lots of money for anything fast stuart lichtman for the best book on goal setting, getting in touch with your subconscious resistance and integrating all your parts to work with integrity towards your goals.


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